About Vanquish

We Work for you

Estate agents work for their clients and their aim is to achieve the highest price possible from you. However we work for you; protecting your interests, guiding you and getting you the best deal possible by challenging the estate agents.

One-Stop Shop

Our service is geared towards saving you valuable time and money. We cover everything including property search, viewings, negotiations and all the necessary liaising between mortgage brokers and lawyers. We can also secure property rental and management on your behalf.

We share our experience

The benefits of dealing with Vanquish are many. We use proven strategies to save you money, and to protect you from potential risks.

Investment potential is a major focus and you’ll find our ability to forecast future value for money highly advantageous. Whether your purchase is a commercial venture or you are seeking your ideal home, you can rely on our knowledgeable recommendations in both location and property type.


Never Miss Another Opportunity

In London the property market moves at a great pace. Without help from experts in the know, it’s easy to miss out on opportunities. Many of the most lucrative or desirable properties go under offer even before the details are released. And that’s why you need help from insiders with access to these properties.

Here at Vanquish we have gained a solid reputation as THE go-to experts when it comes to locating and negotiating on the most sought-after properties both on AND off the market. You’ll benefit from our knowhow, our network and our methodology in securing the most advantageous deals for you. Searching across every estate agent, every property portal and utilising our extensive database of private landlords to source the right property for the right means at the right price.


Keeping Ahead of the Game when it Really Matters

Being linked to London’s main property developers means we are able to secure off-plan properties with substantial discounts before they are officially launched on the market, allowing immediate profit and keeping you ahead of the game when it really matters.

Once the right property is found we put our negotiating skills to full use to ensure you pay the lowest price possible.


Factors Affecting Property Prices in London

There are many factors that can affect property price. In London, price per square foot is an established pricing method but this differs considerably from borough to borough, street to street and even floor to floor. Our understanding and knowledge of these market factors gives you a huge advantage when selecting a property and negotiating its price. Whatever your budget, we are here to share our in-depth experience of the entire process, and to offer friendly support along the way.

Negotiation tactics are fully discussed with you and we handle everything your behalf. Our negotiating power means that our service more often than not pays for itself, and our close relationships with estate agents enable us to undertake frank discussions concerning price. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy profitable deals even if there are other offers on the property, as estate agents know we act for serious buyers and bring speed and efficiency to the process and so will favour our offers


Assist in settling in

Our service is all about bringing value and we continue to be there for you after purchase, assisting with anything you need to ensure you are happy and comfortable in your new home.