Why Use Vanquish

Why should I use Vanquish?

Buying a property can also be a full time job: it needs constant follow up by industry professionals with the right knowledge and the right contacts. Very often the ideal property is sold before it reaches the open market. With years of collective property experience, if your ideal property exists, we’ll find it.

We act for you and no one else in the transaction. Our independence ensures we don’t put any estate agent or financial institution first.

We are here to protect and guide you. Before full completion, buyers must carry out due diligence prior to exchange of contracts taking place. After this point, the buyer has no legal ground to recover any loss as a result of a mistake by other parties or unless the seller or seller’s agent has deliberately misled the buyer.

We protect your details with full confidentiality.

We work closely with industry leading firms to secure the finest lawyers, mortgage brokers, surveyors, designers & builders with the best price and service available.

Do you ask for specific criteria from your clients?

We don’t. We work for all buyers and tenants, regardless of their budget or search requirements.

Why should I pay to vanquish to search the market when I could do it myself?

We can search the market more thoroughly than any individual. We know about properties that aren’t on the market and in some cases we’re given one-off viewings for properties that aren’t even officially for sale or rent. This means we can provide you with a far more expansive pool of properties to choose from. Once we find the right property, we can also bring more clout during the negotiations and tend to be more successful at holding a transaction together than anyone outside the industry. Our negotiating power means our service more often than not pays for itself.

Can vanquish get me access to properties that I couldn’t find on my own?

Yes. 30% of our clients buy or rent properties that were never on the open market.

How do I know the properties vanquish to show me will be what I’m looing for?

We preview all properties before presenting them to you, ensuring you only view those that match your criteria.

How can vanquish save me money?

Bidding on a property is twofold. Firstly, you need to know what the property is worth, and we do! We know the market inside out and we have access to industry-only data so we can assess any offer you make with up-to- date market comparables. The second part of effectively negotiating on a property is thorough knowledge of the seller’s situation and also how the selling/letting agent works behind the scenes. This insight is an extremely valuable element of an effective negotiation process.

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