Why Use Vanquish

Why should I use Vanquish?

We pride ourselves in taking care of our clients and working hard to achieve your desired outcome. We act for you and no-one else throughout the transaction. Our independence ensures that your interests are put first over any other estate agent or financial institution.

From when you first lay eyes on a property right through to completion of the deal, we are here to guide and protect you. We work closely with industry leading firms to secure the finest lawyers, mortgage brokers, surveyors, designers & builders with the best price and service available.

Buying a property can be a lengthy complex process and so requires constant follow up, persistence and dedication by industry professionals with the right expertise and contacts to get the deal done. This is what we specialise in.

A property can be sold before it even reaches the open market. With our years of collective property experience and ever-growing market presence, if your ideal property exists, we will find it.

Winner of the British Property Awards

We as Vanquish Real Estate have just won Gold in The British Property Lettings Award for SE18 and East London Our team performed outstandingly throughout the extensive judging period, which focused on customer service levels.

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Awards - British Property Awards

Do you ask for specific criteria from your clients?

We work for all buyers and tenants, regardless of their budget or search requirements. We use a secure system to ensure that your details are protected with full confidentiality.

Buyers must carry out due diligence prior to exchange of contracts takes place. After this point, the buyer has no legal ground to recover any loss because of a mistake by other parties or unless the seller or seller’s agent has deliberately misled the buyer.

Why don’t I just find a property myself?

As international brokers, we have a broad inside knowledge of properties being considered for the open market before they are even actually placed. 30% of our clients buy or rent properties that never reach the open market. We also can search the market more thoroughly than any individual.

In some cases, we are given one-off viewings for properties that have not officially reached the open market meaning we can provide you with a far more expansive pool of properties to select from. Our knowledge means that you can have the best chance of securing your ideal property.

In addition, our reputation as international brokers in the market is second to none. This means that once we find the right property for you, we can bring more weight during negotiations giving you much greater leverage to completing the deal and securing your ideal property.

How do I know the properties vanquish show me will be what I am looking for?

We preview all the available properties before presenting them to you. We conduct high quality, thorough research based on your requirements and preferences to ensure that you only view properties which best suit your criteria.

How can vanquish save me money?

Buying a property is complicated; First, you need to know what the property is worth. Second, you need to know the seller’s position. Our experience in property and access to industry only data means that we ensure the true value of the property is given – we do not let you overpay.

Behind every property, there is a seller. We look to develop an understanding of the seller’s situation and how the selling/letting agent work behind the scenes. This insight is an extremely valuable element that we use to strengthen our negotiation power to close the deal and secure your ideal property.

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